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The tradition of well serving seafood

The Ramiro Beer house was founded on the 7th of April of 1956, by the hand of Ramiro’s father, being a small “pasture house”.

Whit the passing of the years Mr. Ramiro, having a main role within the business, slowly introduced seafood. This concept aroused a great interest creating a beer house.

Joined by his wife they amplified and improved the space focusing uniquely on the concept of seafood house, in other words, the selling of seafood, ham and “steak sandwich” (meat inside the bread).

Today it is known nationally and abroad for its excellent quality of raw-materials, for its level of service and for the price-quality relationship.

In December of 2007, Ramiro’s became Member of the selection program “Programa Selecção”.

Tradition, Quality, Future

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Cervejaria Ramiro

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